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Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarette/Vape) replicate the feeling of smoking a classic cigarette. An E-cigarette or vape consists of an atomiser/or tank, and a battery. The battery provides power and the tank accommodates e-liquid to be evaporated.

There are different types of kits depending on the way you would like to vape, this ranges from light, medium and heavy smokers. Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) devices are for those that are smokers and want to quit smoking as this is the closest experience to a classic cigarette taking the vapour into the mouth before inhaling into the lungs. Direct-to-Lung (DTL) devices are designed for users to inhale directly into the lungs and is generally for those that are either more advanced users or wanting a shisha like experience.

Here we will help you understand which E-cig is best suited to you giving you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of kit used.

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The best type of e-cigarette to start with is a pod style kit. This is usually a small kit that features a tank and battery that is all in one (AIO). There are two types of pod system kits, refillable cartridges (empty cartridge enabling you to add your favourite e-liquid) and pre-filled cartridges (manufactured cartridge containing e-liquid).


  • Simple, plug and play

  • Some are Inhalation activated  

  • Small, sleek and discreet  

  • Minimal clouds  


  • Limited to the choice of flavours (pre-filled cartridge) 

  • Battery life is not great usually between 200 - 650mAh 


Another great way to start vaping is by using a pen style kit. With this kind of kit, you would receive a tank (most likely MTL), a coil that is pre-installed and a spare in the box, a mod and a charging cable.


  • Large battery capacity

  • Wide selection of flavours

  • Different coils for vaping style

  • Controlled airflow

  • More customisation


  • Limited to type of liquid (VG/PG)

  • Some are not variable wattage



Box Style Kits offer a different way of vaping. This is catered for those that are both MTL and DTL vapers, as most tanks feature coils that are both high in resistance (1.8ohm) for MTL users and low resistance coils (0.25ohm) for DTL. This gives the user to experiment and see which they prefer to use. In addition to this, most box style kits are powered with an 18650/20700/21700 battery (not included). and some include an integrated battery.


  • Both MTL and DTL

  • Experiment with different coils

  • Most are variable wattage

  • Ability to use thicker liquids

  • Can adjust airflow


  • Bigger than pen style kit

  • 18650/20700/21700 battery not included

  • Might need to buy external battery charger due to unbalancing your battery and reduce lifespan

If you are looking to transition from smoking to vaping, we highly recommend starting on a pod system kit or pen system kit as these are the easiest to use.

If you want clouds, power, and little to no throat-hit, then we recommend box style kits as these are more likely to have a high wattage output.


Don’t quit if the kit you try out doesn’t work for you, there are loads of tanks and mods available on the market and you are sure to find find the one best suited to you. You can always call us, email us or pop into our shop to find more advice.

See the Kits we have to offer HERE!

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