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It initially seems like a minefield. I remember first walking into a vape shop and wondering what the heck I was looking at. I had no clue how vapes worked or how to operate one.

Initially I had gone in to support my wife who wanted to quit smoking. I hadn’t really been interested in quitting smoking, but figured if I got a vape too I could vape with her rather than smoking.

After a short session (maybe 30 mins) of having vaping explained, and having had a look at a few different kits, my wife and I left with two brand new kits, and some kooky flavored juices to try. 

Surprisingly, I found almost immediately, I had no desire to smoke a cigarette at all. Amazing!!

A few years on, I’m utterly convinced by vaping as a totally effective way to quit smoking and am keen to share my experience about starting out with vaping and how it’s not as scary as it seems.

As already mentioned, it feels like a minefield, but fear not, there is a very easy and simple kit that can get you started. In this first blog, I’d like to introduce you to the Aspire PockeX Kit.

The PockeX is a small pen style vape which features a single button. 

Said button controls it all. 

Click 5 times to unlock the vape and hold the button down whilst you take a drag. 

Now this kit is what we call a ‘mouth to lung’ vape, which basically simulates smoking a cigarette. You take the vapour into your mouth, then inhale into your lungs. 

This is so close to smoking you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference.

Once you’ve taken your drag, click the button 5 times again to lock the device.


The PockeX is refillable with your chosen vape juice/e-juice/e-liquid from the top. Simply unscrew the top, remove the mouth piece and coil, fill the tank up to the ‘max’ line, then replace the top by screwing it back together. Hey presto, you’re refilled!

Replacing the coil is also pretty simple. Again, unscrew the mouth piece with the coil attached, the unscrew the coil from the mouthpiece. Screw in your new coil, give the coil holes a little soak with your juice, fill the tank and screw the mouthpiece back on. Super simple!

At first it may feel a little alien, but tbh, after a couple of goes, it really won’t feel anymore complicated than rolling a cigarette.

When you visit us here at Visual Vape, we are always happy to talk you through this process before you take the kit away. Equally, if you find yourself stuck, come on in and we’ll help you out. 

Vaping really is easy, and we don’t want you to feel intimidated or confused by how it works, ask and we will explain.

The Aspire PockeX is a great starter kit, although there are many more options if you’re interested in looking further  into it. We’re here! And always happy to help!

You can find our video ‘New To Vaping? An Introduction to Vaping’ on YouTube at:

Visual Vape - (@Visual Vibes, 36 Milford Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8DW)


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