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Beachcomber Gin 70cl 43%

Beachcomber Gin 70cl 43%

Beachcomber is a silky, sweet Gin, it runs smoothly down the throat without leaving any afterburn. It has gentle citrus notes from a fine selection of botanicals such as sweet orange peel, lemon peel, fresh lime zest and Kaffir lime leaves.

We recommend that it is served on it’s own over ice or you could try it with couple of pink peppercorns and a wedge of lemon lightly squeezed &/or a slice of orange zest for an even sweeter taste, not forgetting the classic with a good quality tonic & a slice of orange &/or lemon. If you prefer more of a cocktail or a desert why not try it over a scoop of orange Sorbet which really enhances the flavours.

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