The Efest iMate R4 Charger will make your battery management a piece of cake, this compact charger has a convenient USB C connection meaning it's the same plug as many smart phones / tablets. Capable of charging one battery at up to 3 Amps, two batteries at 2 Amps or four batteries at 1 Amp simultaneously, you'll spend less time waiting on your charger and more vaping!

In the box:
1 x Efest iMate R4 Charger (Intelligent Battery Charger 4 Slot)
1 x USB C Cable

Fast charging, choose between 3A, 2A, 1A and 0.5A when using a QC USB port.
Convenient USB C connection
Capable of charging four batteries simultaneously.
Will charge and monitor different batteries in each slot independently.

Battery Compatibility:
Li-Ion / IMR
10440, 14500, 16340, 17340, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 20650, 20700, 21700
Auto recognition of Li-Ion, Ni-Mh & Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
Auto detection of battery status selecting the appropriate voltage and charge mode needed.
Auto stop when battery is charged.
Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.

Efest iMate R4 Battery Charger